Don’t Let Your Fear Limit Your Influence, Impact and Income

blog fear May 31, 2024

One of the most leveraged ways to increase your influence, impact and income is to master your ability to move an audience.

And . . . you don’t have to just be a ‘speaker’ to benefit. Because people will pay more attention to a trusted authority or expert you can positively shift how they perceive you by becoming an effective speaker.

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, healthcare practitioner, or business leader . . . you can literally add zero’s to your income and drastically increase your ability to enroll others in your mission or your message.

So . . . if that’s true why don’t more people do it?

You are probably aware of the statistics that show that speaking in public is one of the greatest fears you can experience. So much so, that most people are often more afraid of speaking in public than they are of dying.

That would mean that if you were going to a funeral most people would prefer to be inside the casket than being responsible for delivering the eulogy. That’s just crazy!

So what are you so afraid of?

Your beliefs about speaking were often shaped as a result of a bad reference experience when you were young. Maybe it happened when you were called on by our teacher to get up in front of your class and asked to do a ‘show and tell,’ or give a book report, or share your science project.

Let’s face it . . . kids can be very honest and sometimes even a little mean. If that front of the classroom experience didn’t go well you were most likely left with an association of fear or discomfort from speaking in front of others.

Fear is simply often a message for you to be prepared:

Let’s take a closer look at what the word FEAR really means. One of the most common definitions of fear is that you are about to do something that you feel might cause you harm or you don’t feel you are prepared for. We call this a fight of flight response.

So if the fear or discomfort comes from not feeling prepared, doesn’t it then make sense that the best solution would be to make sure you get yourself ready in advance?

After all . . . why would you choose to put yourself in a situation that you anticipate could be potentially dangerous or uncomfortable?

Imagine if you were to invest the time prior to taking the stage to understand and practice enough to get yourself ready before getting in front of a group. You then wouldn’t have to experience any fear and could instead focus your thoughts and attention on creating value for and engaging your audience?

You could very well be an amazing coach, consultant, trainer or health care practitioner and I’m guessing you did some preparation before you started working with your patients and clients. So doesn’t it make sense you would do the same before getting in front of an audience?

You could have a great product or service but that doesn’t insure your success.

When you get in front of a group, people will be making a decision whether or not to work with you further. They will make their judgment based on your ability to create trust and confidence in yourself from your communication.

Interestingly enough, your listener is not even likely to make their choice based on how capable or good you or your product might be. They are most likely to choose to work with you based on how you made them feel about you and your product and your ability to persuade them with your story and message.

How many times have you witnessed a prospect choose an inferior resource, product, or service, over another even better product based primarily on the fact that they positioned themselves first in the prospects mind by creating more trust and engagement?

Imagine how much more effective you could be if you were to prepare yourself by understanding the anatomy of an effective talk so you could improve your results and touch more lives.

What if you implemented proven steps of how to persuade your audience with integrity in order to get them to take a desired action instead of just presenting facts and features about your offering and hope they get it?

There is a blueprint for successfully enrolling your listeners when speaking to groups. Once you understand this and mix in some preparation and practice before you address your audience you will confidently and congruently engage and connect your audience.

When you learn to engage from the stage without fear, you will profoundly elevate your influence, impact, and income.


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