Collapse Decades into Days!
Proven Business Growth Consulting to Accelerate Your Success

With Scott deMoulin & Destiny Training Systems

The Benefits of Proven Business Growth Consulting

Imagine if you could stop competing for market share or wasting significant efforts on false starts or non-productive campaigns, people and projects. Scott brings a high level of awareness, along with a fresh set of eyes to your business, backed by 4 decades of owning, operating, training and consulting for over 500 unique companies. You benefit from the wisdom, best practices, understanding and the specialized knowledge derived from his vast experience. This allows you to shorten your learning curve, expedite and compound your growth, and dramatically reduce the time and resources of going it alone.


Phase 1: The Diagnostic Audit Process

Each company has unique challenges. Just as a good Doctor would with their patient, Scott will facilitate a thorough, deep dive diagnostic of your business to identify and understand your specific needs, wants, problems, and, most importantly, look for opportunities to accelerate the growth and success of your business.
This audit includes 1:1 interviews with leadership, key stakeholders and a cross section of your team. We facilitate an in-depth review of your sales and marketing efforts, strategies, tactics, and collateral materials, as well as a review of your company culture, talent assessment, hiring, leadership, internal training and communications.

The Prescription: Your Executive Summary

At the conclusion of the Audit, Scott delivers a detailed Summary outlining current or potential challenges uncovered, along with identifying opportunities to improve your efficacy and expedite your growth. Scott will introduce specific solutions and breakthrough ideas, along with a proposed scope of work to achieve your targets.
If it is determined there is significant upside value and benefit to proceed, and both parties express a desire to move forward, Scott will share a Phase 2 proposal for your review and approval. We welcome your high expectations that we have our finger on the pulse of your organization before committing to a Phase 2 relationship.


Phase 2: Mentoring, Training and Protocol Integration

To achieve measurable and lasting change and improvement it takes conditioning, reinforcement, programing and repetition over time. During this ongoing phase Scott will hold regular strategy calls and facilitate trainings on topics as needed.

Scope of work will focus on the growth side of your business and specific deliverables will be identified during the Audit and may include, but are not limited to: Effective communications. Sales and Enrollment training. Creating a dynamic Company Culture. Sales and Marketing message support. Attract, assess, hire, train and retain top talent. Leadership skills. Public speaking, media, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills. 


Why This Strategic Relationship Works

"Awareness Precedes Understanding, and Understanding Precedes Change!" - Scott deMoulin

"I am not a fan of the title "Consultant" but that is often the term assigned to the type of high-end business growth mentoring, training, and services I provide. There is an inside joke describing the typical consultant where they ask to borrow the clients watch, they proceed to tell you what time it is, and then return your watch. You could have easily deciphered that on your own.

Whoever you choose to work with, be sure to select someone who is aware enough and willing to invest in the due diligence to quickly and accurately identify what improvement are needed, and why. Someone who has amassed the wisdom, experience, best practices and understanding of how to make needed improvements that will create positive, impactful, and sustainable change.

You will benefit from a seasoned expert, with high integrity, and a long and successful track record that spans hundreds of companies and dozens of industries. This allows you to stay focused on what you do best and combine your time and talent with a resource who can enhance and supplement your efforts with their skills and expertise, to compound your growth and outcomes.

Most important, retain someone willing to roll up their sleeves and invest the time and effort to work with and for you to solve inefficiencies and uncover breakthrough opportunities, and not simply tell you what time it is.

If you are curious, coachable, and committed to your growth, I would be honored to have a discovery call to learn more about you and your business to determine if there is benefit and value to explore next steps."  - Scott deMoulin, Founder, Destiny Training Systems.

Ron Broadrick

Founder, Pres./CEO of Earth Tech

"Scott, Thank you for your help and your commitment to our company. You have elevated our market presence and our sales results to an entirely new level. Almost immediately after your initial on-site training, we began to see record sales numbers that continued to grow. Your ongoing support has been remarkable.

 Your training and guidance not only gave our salespeople new skills, you dramatically increased their self-confidence and gave them tools for their personal lives. This produced happier employees, a more cohesive team, and an exceptional increase in revenue.

Our year-to-date sales are up 40% over last year and consequently, we are having our best year ever. There is no doubt that the training, guidance, and input from you were responsible for much of this impressive growth."

Nido Qubein 

President, High Point University

"Scott is a dynamic consultant and speaker who brings substance and style to every engagement.

After meeting Scott, and reviewing a video of his presentation, I called to let him know how impressed I was and that I thought he was the best speaker that I hadn't yet heard of.

 He knows how to diagnose the client's needs and customize material that helps you to do more and be more."


Kari Warberg-Block

 Founder/CEO Earth Kind

 “I’ve done hundreds of radio interviews, dozens of TV interviews, and many keynotes, all generating millions of dollars in free exposure using Scott’s strategy and expert coaching.

Growing a highly successful conscious business requires a strategy that draws upon one's deepest desire to improve humanity, plus the steady hand of one who knows the rocky path. Scott knows both, and has been invaluable in helping me grow Earth-Kind into a market leader!"