A Destiny Training Program, created and facilitated by Scott deMoulin

Now Accepting Applications for July 15-18, 2024


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The world's best known investor believes your greatest investment is in yourself.

"Public speaking, and working on your communications are necessary skills. If you don't invest time on these skills, it will cost you for the next 50-60 years. The one easy way to become worth at least 50% more than you are now is to hone your communication skills"  - Warren Buffet


Master the Necessary Communications to . . .  

Shift From Simply Presenting, to Engaging and Persuading With Integrity

Discover and Incorporate the Most Leveraged, Powerful, and Inexpensive Strategy to Market, Engage, and Enroll Your Audience and Ideal Clients!



Live Speaker Intensive

Take Your Stage With the Confidence and Skills to Elevate Your Influence, Impact, and Income! 


Your program begins with two scheduled virtual video training calls that introduce you to the most effective communication skills and how to create an effective and captivating "Anatomy of a talk" outline. Here you will be coached to truly understand and master the process and steps to engage and enroll your audience.


Your program continues with an extremely powerful, 4-day, in-person, experiential learning and integration event. You will receive plenty of stage time to put your new-found skills to the real test with numerous opportunities in front of the camera and complete with important live audience feedback and world-class coaching.


Graduates often say "Best Training EVER!"  Participants rate the value of their experience an impressive average of 9.95 out of 10!! You'll leave your training with a new confidence and profound growth, armed with actionable skills that can be applied to your business immediately to produce positive, measurable, and lasting results.

When you own your stage . . . you script your future!

Become a more effective, conscious, and persuasive communicator, that leaves your audience with the inspired feeling to take action because they are so engaged and emotionally moved by you and your message.

Ideal For You if . . .

You are ready to become a more congruent and trusted business or thought leader, speaker, entrepreneur, author, consultant, coach, expert, or trainer. You will discover how to expand your reach, establish more credibility, and elevate your brand by more effectively landing your message with integrity.


Imagine the Possibilities When You Are Able To:

  • Create more trust and consciously influence your audience with integrity

  • Become significantly more engaging in both your live or virtual presentations¬†

  • Immediately position yourself as a more credible authority or expert¬†

  • Enroll your prospects or audience in your vision, message, program, or mission

  • Create more awareness and understanding¬†of your company, products, and services

  • Eliminate fear and become confident and prepared to speak at any time¬†

  • Leverage your time & effort by influencing groups instead of individuals

  • Be more prepared and comfortable when being interviewed by media¬†

  • Learn to use 'syntax' to cause your audience to salivate for your solution


Scott deMoulin

Your ‚ÄúEngage From Your Stage‚ÄĚ facilitator is communications expert, keynote speaker, trainer and speaking coach, Scott deMoulin.¬†

Scott's list of raving fan speaking clients range from newbies to top professional speakers, who charge over six figures per event.

Graduates include CEO's, thought leaders, authors, athletes, celebrities, entertainers, coaches, teachers, trainers, consultants, and others looking to leverage their resources for greater results.

Scott has personally spoken, consulted, and trained for over 500 unique companies, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, and leaders from around the world for over 40 years.

Seats are intentionally limited to 8 new participants!

NOTE: This Speaker Intensive is by application only! Your discovery call is designed for you to get your questions answered and to determine if there is value, benefit, and most importantly, an upside ROI for you. We want to make sure you are a good fit for this exclusive opportunity and we only accept those who are curious, coachable, and committed. If the outcome of your application call is not a "hell yes" from both parties, it is likely a no.

Apply early! Programs often sell out well in advance.

This workshop will elevate your stage presence, confidence, and mastery of delivering your message. Your live program is held in our Las Vegas studio training space to have a professional atmosphere, complete with the stage time, and interaction, required to exceed your speaker growth outcomes.  

  • Skills are applicable to¬†your live or virtual presentations and any size group
  • Personal attention and coaching to¬†elicit audience engagement
  • Pre-event virtual training to prepare you for your live emersion experience
  • Highly interactive days of practice and world-class¬†coaching
  • Small group size and ample stage time for maximum retention
  • Your live training¬†is held¬†at¬†our 5-star training space¬†in Las Vegas, NV.¬†
  • Your memory card captures your stage time and¬†coaching¬†
  • Video footage provided can be used in your marketing or media kit
  • This is a highly interactive, experiential learning event with plenty of focused practice, drill and rehearse time to ensure you become more comfortable, trusted, and influential from your platform

There's no hiding out here. This is definitely not a typical speaker training, held in a large meeting room with a sea of people, where you might walk away with 1 or 2 good ideas you hope will up your game. Engage From Your Stage is a truly transformational, intimate experience, where you erase limitations and become more comfortable being uncomfortable. You rehearse until you embody proven verbal and physical communication skills. You will discover the importance of syntax and how to engage and persuade your listeners with integrity, while moving your audience towards your desired action.



Frequently Asked Questions.

Our 5-star Las Vegas training space is located within a brand new, 42-acre development, a short 10-minute drive from the airport, and 10-12 minutes from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Our campus offers a wide variety of over 20 dining establishments, ranging from an upscale food Hall, to fine dining, so you have close access on your lunch breaks or for your evening meals. 

Your "Peace of Mind Pledge"

The reason we invest the time to facilitate an application call is to make sure that there is value and benefit in advance of you making your decision. To further mitigate any perceived risk if, after participating in the entire program, playing full out, and completing your assigned tasks, you feel you didn't receive any value, we agree to pay your tuition to any other speaker training of your choice, that is of equal or lesser value. Simply share your decision and reasoning with us directly at the conclusion of the event and turn in your materials before departing.


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