Truly ENGAGE and ENROLL Your Audience or Team
Customized Keynotes, Trainings, and Emcee Support Services

With Scott deMoulin

Engaging Keynotes & Trainings

Scott invests time prior to your event to understand your needs, wants, and desired outcomes. This advance- diagnostics allows him to customize his talks or trainings, to exceed your event objectives. Scott is relatable and credible because he is experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. He has little ego and focuses on creating much deeper engagement through experiential learning, curiosity, stories, and metaphors. Scott is proficient at facilitating programs from 30-minute keynotes to 5+ day trainings, and is consistently an audience favorite


Emcee & Enrollment Support

Inquire about Scott's availability to emcee your program. If your topic, product, service, and outcome are approved, Scott brings 3+ decades of effective communications, business growth, and audience engagement to your event. Scott is a master at building trust, creating audience curiosity and interaction, edifying other speakers, and enrolling your audience for their reasons, which is even more critical when framing and  positioning your high-ticket offer to achieve greater conversions or desired action.



These are not generic keynotes or trainings. Through pre-program interviews and diagnostics, each talk, or training, is customized to specifically address the needs and wants of your company, or event, for greater audience value and impact.

"Navigate & Embrace Change"

90% of the current data in the world has been introduced in just the last 3 years. Combined with the advent of AI, this trend of dramatic change has now become the norm and could overwhelm those unprepared to navigate the ever increasing speed and scope of certain, and significant change. Reduce your stress by understanding, embracing, and utilizing the psychological dynamics associated with rapid change. 


"Enrolled Not Sold"

Not much happens until a sale takes place. Having a great idea, concept, product or service does little to insure your success if you rely on ineffective communications or outdated sales techniques, messaging, or marketing efforts. Discover how to shift from selling for your benefit, to enrolling your prospects for their reasons and enjoy happier customers with less effort, resistance, or buyers remorse.



"12 Critical Areas of Focus"

With all of the noise, clutter and distractions in the marketplace, it is critical to be able to focus your efforts on the actions that will have the most impact. Discover how to say no and eliminate distractions so you can focus on your highest results and income producing activities. This allows you to work smarter and produce greater outcomes with less effort and fewer resources.